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The Difference

Fitness Proaction is NOT your local gym.  Take a minute to look at just a few advantages at Fitness Proaction below.

One on One Training

Your Certified Trainer is with you all the way! Your program is designed and implemented for you, and monitored throughout every session. Between the mirrors and your trainer, Fitness Proaction has an eye on you at every session! Along with your trainer, you work towards your goals at every session!

Private Workouts

Ever experienced working out in the big gyms, feeling like you’re in a fish bowl? Running into people when all you want to do is your own workout? A lot of Fitness Proaction clients appreciate the privacy of your own suite, often being the only one in the studio! It is Self Care time at its best!

Certified Trainers

Certifications help non-licensed professions to maintain a professional standard to keep the public safe. This is imperative at Fitness Proaction, that all trainers maintain a current certification through continuing education units (CEUs).

Advanced Equipment

Fitness Proaction provides you with state of the art equipment to optimize and maximize your workout experience and help you achieve your goals.

No Dues or Contracts

Unlike the big gyms, there are no contractual long term commitments. Our clients choose to continue with their Self Care without having to sign their life away! Efficiency and convenience are the commitments from Fitness Proaction.

Available Equipment

There will be no other client in your fitness space for your allotted appointment time! Gone are the days of waiting for a piece of equipment to come open in the big gym setting. There is no disruption from other gym-goers.

Proven Results

Check out our Testimonial page for actual client comments on their experiences with Fitness Proaction. We will do all that we can to make your experience a successful one, by finding out how best we can serve you, and following through with those plans.

Fitness Assessments

Whether you are a beginner or an athlete, a thorough assessment will be completed  to include your history, present measurement findings, and goals, to create a customized, individual program that fits your needs.