One-on-one, private, personalized fitness training.

Self Care over Health Care

Fitness Proaction is a service providing one-on-one, private, personalized fitness training through education, encouragement, and accountability to the active ager that is conditioning for optimal life with or without pre-existing conditions.

  • “Proaction” defined: The creation or control of a situation by causing something to happen, rather than responding to it after it has happened.
  • Antonym: “Reaction”

Fitness Proaction will support you towards self care and wellness, and extend the quality of your life. We will share the responsibility for your self care and wellness, by using a multi-faceted framework to include not only physical fitness, but also psychological and social aspects.

Personal fitness training options to keep you healthy and that suit your lifestyle.

Caring Support Throughout

We care about your conditions and your ability to improve or maintain your current health status.

Online & Offline Training

In order to reach the most people, Fitness Proaction serves clients both online and offline.

Suited to Your Lifestyle

Supporting you in your lifestyle to help you to reach new heights!

Customized Fitness Training

Frequency, intensity, and times based on what best serves you.

Let Fitness Proaction guide you to start living the best version of yourself!