One of the best things about summer is the influx of summer produce in the local markets. Peaches are just one of many summer fruits that are ripe for the picking and are both low in calories and jam-packed full of nutrients like fiber, vitamin C and niacin. Below are the nutrients found, per the USDA, in one large, fresh peach (2-3/4″ diameter).

Peaches provide the body with many vitamins and minerals without providing many calories, less than 70 cal for a large peach, making it a nutrient dense food. Including nutrient dense fruits and vegetables, like peaches, in your diet can help maintain caloric balance and provide helpful antioxidants to help the body fight against damage done by free radicals. (such as cell damage related to aging and cancer) Eating peaches with the skin on provides the most nutrients and antioxidants because many of the vitamins and minerals are concentrated in their fuzzy exterior, so for the most nutrition leave the skin on.


Nutrition facts on many foods, including fruits and vegetables that do not generally have nutrition labels, can be found by using the Food-A-Pedia search tool found on the USDA’s website. Click on Food-A-Pedia under Quick Links for more info.


% Daily Target or Limit
Total Calories68 cal3%
Protein2 g3%
Carbohydrate17 g13%
Dietary Fiber3 g11%
Total Fat0 gNo daily target or limit
Amount% Daily Target or Limit
Calcium11 mg1%
Potassium333 mg7%
Sodium0 mg0%
Copper119 ug13%
Magnesium16 mg5%
Phosphorus35 mg5%
VitaminsAmount% Daily Target or Limit
Vitamin A28 ug RAE4%
Vitamin C12 mg15%
Vitamin E1 mg AT9%
Vitamin K5 ug5%
Folate7 ug DFE2%
Riboflavin0.1 mg5%
Niacin1 mg10%
Choline11 mg3%