It is more than the physical when we work together.

My logo shows three vertical lines; the gold, largest one in the center is you, and the silver and bronze lines flanking you, are myself and the tools we use to support you. But you can also regard the three vertical line logo as representing the physical, psychological and social components of care.

You are not alone in this process, and healthy living effects all aspects of your life.

I will help you to reach a better you!

Hey, it’s only fair! My clients have always helped me to strive to be the best me, so I want to pay that forward to all who will join me in this journey.

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Individual Support

You are not alone in the process to live your best life.

More than Physical

I address the physical, psychological and social components of care.

I Care

I care about your understanding of your conditions. I care about your ability to improve or maintain your current status.

Thorough Assessment

Medical history, lifestyle, training goals and current fitness level are all important.

Online & Offline

You choose the best way to incorporate fitness into your life.

Customized Fitness Plan

Frequency, intensity, and times based on what best serves you.

I have always said that, for my clients, personal fitness training is done to have a life, not to be your life! It may be my life, but that’s so that I may guide you through a way that makes it best fit (no pun intended) into your life.

The first step in this process is getting to know you through a thorough assessment. I will be asking a lot of questions to learn about your past medical history, lifestyle, any current signs or symptoms, and goals. This will help me to determine the direction of your training plan, along with a physical assessment that includes body composition, cardio fitness, muscle fitness, flexibility, balance, and posture. This customized training plan that follows, will prescribe frequency, intensity, and times for all modes of training, and I will monitor all components of the assessment on a regular basis. Regular monitoring will allow for adjustments to be made where applicable, always supporting you to new heights!

Get started living your best life today!