I am proud of the fact that I have had some of my clients for about 15 years! – when I started training in Tallahassee, Florida. Client retention is a measurement of value. These clients must feel that they are getting something out of it to continue with me for all this time.

Just recenty, I received a text from a client about increasing her walking distance more than she had done in the past two years, and how good it felt. That’s one of those reasons why I strive to give the best of me with each session!

Jan astutely assessed my physical status, then created a workout plan based on my stated goals. With her knowledge & experience I was guided through varied routines that addressed any physical imbalances or limitations. She has always quickly made corrections on technique; and troubleshooted any identified potential injury issues.

Edie Williams

Jan Verhagen combines an encyclopedic knowledge of training methodologies, proper form and nutrition, with an enthusiastic commitment to her work and clients. Best of all she truly listens, tailoring workouts to achieve your goals, within the schedule and time you have available. Her friendly, motivational, deceptively easygoing personality will have you working harder than you thought possible. She makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly enjoyable. I consider myself lucky to have found Jan and wholeheartedly recommend her to all interested in setting the foundations for improved fitness and living a healthier lifestyle.

LaBron Hulbert

Supportive, upbeat, courteous professional expertise to design and adapt activities to meet individual problems and needs. Would absolutely recommend Fitness Proaction!

Kathee Winstead

Fitness Proaction’s commitment to developing physical activity plans for every clients’ personal abilities, needs and goals is REAL!!! My unique physical activity plan is constantly re-evaluated and modified to meet my changing abilities, needs and objectives. The individual supervision and guidance that is an integral part of every work out session helps build confidence and encouragement that I can “really do this”. In addition, “homework” is recommended and specifically planned so that I can continue to make progress. I am amazed I have the opportunity to train with Jan Verhagen, a professional with impeccable credentials who knows so much about our bodies and how they work. Her knowledge of anatomy and physiology, endless physical therapy techniques, healthcare, and strategies for motivation make me feel safe as I work out. Jan's empathy is genuine and it shows! Fitness Proaction’s commitment to a training program individualized for my needs and that included guidance, supervision and support has helped me thrive! I am very grateful!

Jo Shuford-Law

What a life changer Fitness Proaction has been for me! God bless Jan Verhagen and the Fitness Proaction team and family!

Hersh Minnis

I appreciate that you explain what muscles I'm working with all movements and you create an exercise program tailored to me.

Sue Banks

Fitness Proaction wants to provide the most options to keep you healthy and that suit your lifestyle.

Since working with Fitness Proaction I have been able to achieve recovery from several injuries and two surgeries, and get back to full functioning. Also, I have a better attitude about my aging process and the adjustments I’ve had to make over the years. Jan has made me realize that I can still stay fit and stay active at any age. I would tell someone who’s considering working with Fitness Proaction to not hesitate to try this training, especially if you are recovering from any injury or are stalled in your fitness routine. Your health is worth every penny you will spend on individual training with Jan.

Martha Paradeis

Tailored workout program for individuals, insists on good form for each movement and innovative exercises.

Dottie Lee

Fitness Proaction is the best place to be if you are trying to improve your endurance, drop a few pounds, or tone some muscles! Jan and her staff are lovely people who take care of your every need. The whole team is licensed in personal fitness, so you know that you are safe with them! Every time you walk into Fitness Proaction you are greeted with a smile and that makes working out so much more encouraging!

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My strength, flexibility and confidence have increased since working with Fitness Proaction.

S. M.

Jan is patient, professional, and will tailor your workout to fit your lifestyle.

Susan Michael Grabowski

I have been using Jan as my personal trainer for more than 6 months. It’s not about just showing up with Jan its about making a plan and working it. She holds me accountable to what my goals are. Even when I had a small injury playing football she worked around my problem areas to insure that I continued to work towards my goal. Thanks Jan for all your help and encouragement…you make working out fun!

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Thanks again for guiding me through the many sessions to rebuild my balance and core when I needed it… Your “gift” of professionalism just paid me forward, to better my health concerns and fitness concerns.. I will never forget you, but appreciate your expertise. Thanks for being a friend to someone who is not in your age bracket, I have more vitality and zest than ever before.

Antoinette Deen

Meets me where I am! Jan is terrific at customizing my workout to fit where I am in my fitness right now and works closely with me to get me where I want to be-with no judgment! If you’ve tired over and over without lasting results, give Jan a call. She’s excellent at what she does!

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